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A Phrase to Save You Unneeded Stress

Below┬áis a phrase that I think I came up with, but I’m sure I’ve put it together and/or partially stolen it from various folks out in the world of “those-trying-to-navigate-this-crazy-life,” and as far as I can remember, I don’t think … Continue reading

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Factory Education vs. Improvisation

Not long ago, I was just finishing up a consultation in our college’s writing center when one of my former students, Noah, turned from a computer screen and greeted me. ┬áNoah was a dedicated student in my class, and from … Continue reading

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Teach the Willing

Hello, If you happen on this blog, please read my About page. It is going to take some time to fully develop and bring my vision to the masses. We have to start with the learners. Once they reach deeply … Continue reading

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